I have always been a big fan of computers and electronic ever since I was a child. I would go around gathering scraps trying to turn it into something great but most of the time I always created nonsense.

How I Picked up Programming

At the age of 14, I picked up programming and the first programming language I learnt was Python. I picked up python because my brother was in school studying mathematics and had a very long book on python.

At this point, I lack guidance on programming. I decided to take a step back and think about what I want to learn and what I want to do with a programming language I have learnt. I took my time to surf the internet for a solid guided curriculum that could help me start my career as a programmer and to my surprise, I couldn’t find any free comprehensive course or book that could help me kick-start my career as a programmer.

How I Started Web Development

After reading numerous articles from various blog I decided to learn web development. Web development seemed I could track my progress easily with. I went on line searched for great places to learn from and could remember downloading a copy of the book HTML and CSS3 for dummies. This book was very comprehensive and I would recommend it to anybody hoping to learn web development or going into programming for the first time.

I read this book, liked it and was inspired to learn more about programming. I was searching for various platforms to learn web development and then I found out about other sites that helped my course one of which was w3schools.

How I Went Into Computer Science

I was developing my first profession website on this with this domain name. By this time I have just completed high school, it was time for me to pick a course to study, with my growing love in Computer Science I picked it. I applied to a University to study Computer Science and my application denied admission into the course and was offered an option to change my course. I was not okay with this so I decided to take reapply the next year. The next year I got into a school to get a BSc in Computer Science which I am still undergoing.

Why I started This Blog

By now I know you may be wondering what does all this have to do with you starting this blog. But believe me, they are all connected. In the process of trying to learn to programme, I realised the struggle of learning how to program from the internet without enough money to pay for the very expensive courses. I decided to create a youtube channel that would help people aspiring to learn how to programme and guide them through the steps it takes to accomplish this goal. I plan to do so by providing the books and tutorial that could help anyone become a programmer at no cost.

If you have any idea and suggestions on how to help me achieve the goal of helping programming and design aspirant out you can put it in the comment section. I hope to post interesting and relevant contents on programming, technology, design and security. Your reads and comments are important to my cause as it helps me achieve my goals.

Thank you for reading my blog and I appreciate it.

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A young Computer Science enthusiast hoping to help other enthusiasts out.

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